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Śrī Tathāta’s program in May 2013 at the Jardin de Safran

May 18 th and 19 th , 2013: program with teachings, OPEN TO ALL

A New World
Through the Renaissance of Dharma

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Śrī Tathāta’s visit to Europe and Northern America in 2012

Last year, Śrī Tathāta came to the West and gave his “Message for World Peace”.

Here are the information about Śrī Tathāta’s various programs in the summer 2012:

A Vedic monument dedicated to universal peace

Visit the page dedicated to the « Vedic Space ».

Schedule of activities at the Jardin de Safran

Please see the French section of this website.

And as usual, AIŚVARA YOGA practices every Wednesday evening.

We remind you that you can find or propose a ride-sharing to go from your place to the Jardin de safran on the following website : www.jds-tribucovoiturage.fr/

Viśva Śānti Yajña

The Viśva Śānti Yajña, ceremonies for Universal Peace and Harmony, conducted by Śrī Tathāta and organized by Association Namaskaram took place from August 4th to 8th, 2011, at the Jardin de Safran (Bois de la Font, Varaire, Lot). Approximately 1000 persons attended each day.

We would you like to express how happy we are about the success of this event especially as hit was carrying such beautiful and elevated intention for a higher world consciousness, harmony and peace. The excellent number of participants, the remarkable quality of the guests, the wonderful atmosphere which reigned from the beginning to the end, were three main manifestations of this success.

We pay a tribute to the service given with much devotion by a very large number of persons, which was so important in this success.

To help the participants remember these moments of shared happiness and to give an insight of what have been these days to all, many photos and comments are now available on the following page ViśvaŚāntiYajña,summer2011

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